Get started with a 3D Pen!

Hello again everyone!

The ability to 3D Print using ABS and PLA filaments can be done in many forms. From a consumer’s standpoint, Desktop 3D Printers from many different manufacturers that come in many different shapes, sizes etc. are available to make virtually anything. With that said, 3D Printing is still in its embryonic stage when it comes to reaching a wide customer base due to its expense and the unfamiliarity on the technology by the masses. However, there is a product that can give consumers both an inexpensive introduction to 3D Printing and familiarize consumers to 3D Printing. We’re talking about the 3D Pen.

The 3D Pen (this one by Canion3D and you can get it here) is affordable, easy to use, and is great for making simple 3D Prints without the need to purchase a desktop 3D Printer, if you are looking for something to do simple print jobs in no time. It is also a great complimentary tool if you make 3D Prints using a desktop printer that you may need to touch up any uneven or misprinted areas of your 3D Prints.

Your 3D Pen works seamlessly right out of the box. Your pen will come with a multiple color bag of 3D Pen filament (regular desktop 3D Printing filament works great as well). To get started, plug your 3D Pen into the AC adapter, set the 3D Pen to your desired temperature (ABS 230 degrees, PLA 180 degrees), take out a spool of filament, load the filament into the top of the pen, and you a ready to print (More detailed instructions are included with the pen)!   

3D Pens are also great for children to use (children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult when used) for design projects, holiday decorating etc. Here are some pics of the Canion3D 3D Pen:

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. If you would like to order a 3D Pen you can order one here. Thanks for visiting!